Extracurricular activities can showcase your talents. If you spotlight them, emphasize activities that show multitasking capabilities, well-roundedness, and leadership.

To enhance students’ desire to achieve and develop personal, social, and professional skills is a real challenge for Pendekanti Institute of Management.

These contributions are not only taught; they need to be lived every day. The background and practical experience are essential in achieving these goals and motivating students.

To this end, the PIM model incorporates many mechanisms and extracurricular activities intended to boost students’ personal development as well as their civic and social skills.

Some of these activities are here under
  • Paper presentations
  • Market warfaren
  • Group discussions
  • Advertising games
    • Decision making games
    • Business quiz competitions
    • CSR initiatives
    • Debates
  • Role plays
  • Business plan competitions
  • New product launching etc…